Soldering Material

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Desoldering Pump
Features Desoldering Pump Vacuum Soldering Iron Desolver Metal Body, High Suction Power, Light Weight Providing safe, low cost means of desoldering connections, PC boards ...
Ex Tax: 3.88€
Electric Soldering Iron 60W Soldering Tool
Features Fast heating and high quality 60W soldering iron with AC cord Perfect for your soldering needs Requires household AC outlet (EU standard) Voltage: AC 220V-240V ...
Ex Tax: 7.43€
Thermal Grease Paste Compound
Product Details Thermal Grease Paste Compound Silicone for CPU Heat Sink Thermal coupling of electrical / electronic device to heat sinks High Thermal Conductivity ,Low Bleed an...
Ex Tax: 0.54€
Thermal Silicone Glue Cooling Paste 5g
Features Thermal conductivity : >0.671 W/m-k Thermal resistance : <0.06 °C-in²/W
Ex Tax: 1.82€
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